Student App

Have more visibility of your students training and personal information.

Empower students with convenient access to their training

The Student App provides students and payers with enhanced visibility and control over their training and personal details so they can monitor their info effectively. Students can view grades, book onto events, gradings and summer camps and pay via the app. Making all your event management stress free and easy to organise.


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Key Features

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student info

You can view your student’s membership card which includes important details like name, start and expiration date, licence number and there is also a designated barcode which allows each one of your students to mark their own attendance.

Easy event

A seamless way to browse and register for events, gradings, camps, parties, and other special activities organised by the club. Users can easily view event details, submit registrations, and make payments directly within the app.


The app offers a comprehensive view of students' training progress. Users can track their attendance records, view their current grade, and access their training history. This allows students to monitor their growth and stay motivated in their martial arts journey.


Our digital membership card consolidates important membership or license details. Students can conveniently access their membership number, name, start date, expiration date, and other pertinent information. The membership card includes a barcode that can be used to mark attendance using the myMA Attendance app.

To wrap it up

Our student app allows you to provide detailed information to your students that will help them progress in their Martial Arts journey. By providing access for students to review their grades, register for events or book onto gradings through an easy-to-use app, you can enhance your students experience and decrease your stress.

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