10 Things Your Martial Arts Website Must Have

10 Things your Martial Arts Website MUST have

Websites are constantly evolving with new ways to showcase your school and its services. It’s a lot easier to set-up a new site within minutes but are you doing the right things to target your audience. Here are a few things you need to consider when creating a Martial Arts website for your school:

1. Simplistic Design

When a potential students visits your page you only have 2-3 seconds to prompt them and guide them into making the decision you want them to make. If they can’t find the information they want instantly they’ll disengage and continue their journey elsewhere. A website needs to be designed with the user in mind. Keeping your website and its content simple will help anyone visiting your website get the information they need straight away.

2. Detailed Contact Information

Where, when and how? Does your website clearly display your school’s contact details and are they easily accessible? Ensure your contact details are clickable for mobile phone users as 80% of your website traffic will be from mobile phone users. Contact details should always be updated and for an better user experience try having them on more than one page.

3. Business Software Integration

Does your website integrate with your business management software? Having a website sync with your CRM System allows you to manage your marketing messages seamlessly which makes targeting and re-targeting your target audience more effective. myMA is the best business management system for martial arts instructors.

4. Blog

Having a blog will increase your google rankings and improve your overall SEO (search engine optimization). Blog as frequently as possible, its a sure-fire way to deliver value to potential students who overtime will engage and convert with content that appeals to their needs.

5. Timetable Of Your Classes

Potential students want to know if they can fit Martial Arts classes into their busy schedules, if they must physically call you or contact you to find out dates and times you’ve already lost their interest. Having an embedded timetable on your website that syncs with your business management system will allow you to have control. Make sure there is a clear CTA (call to action) that allows potential students to book a class.

6. Clear Call to Actions

Create a website that generates leads. Having clear CTA’s across your site will help you guide users to the pages and complete the actions that are vital for your business to grow.

7. Good Imagery

75% of users who visit your website will engage most with the images and videos rather than text. Ensure you showcase everything your students love about your school in pictures, capture those moments because in the digital world they are truly priceless. Having a nice gallery page that compliments your gallery is vital.

8. Instructor Bio Page

Highlight personal achievements, what makes the instructors at your school so valuable to your students. Potential Students like to know as much information about the club and who will be teaching them.

9. Safeguarding Accreditation Badge

Showcasing your accreditation by Sport England will increase trust and confidence by achieving the Safeguarding Code. Safeguarding is defined as protection from harm or damage with appropriate measures and taking accountability in your club to ensure students have this protection.

10. Student Testimonials

Student & Parent testimonials are a great way to show how your school has helped students. Quotes work very well on an array of pages not just on your homepage.

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