4 Tips For a Great Start To 2017

4 Tips For a Great Start To 2017

It’s coming up to the holiday season, which means it’s also not long before one of the busiest times of year for martial arts business owners. The good thing is that you still have plenty of time to get yourself ready and give yourself the best possible start to 2017. Here are some things you need to be aware of to help increase your chances of success…

Plan, Plan and Plan

plan plan plan for your martial arts business

It can seem like such an obvious thing but you will be surprised how often it is overlooked or left to the last minute. Getting a plan in place is a great way to keep you aware of your upcoming goals and targets. The earlier you put your plans in place, the better chance you have of successfully achieving them. It also gives you some ‘wiggle’ room if something needs to be changed.

If you find yourself with some time between lessons, why not make progress on your plans for this holiday season and next year? There are lots of potential students you could be letting slip through your fingers! To help you get started we have our planning tools and January Campaign materials.

January Rush

the January rush is a great time for your martial arts business

January is an important time for any martial arts business as people are looking to get back into shape, try something new and adjust their lifestyle for the better. Martial arts covers each of these aspects and more, making it a great choice for something people can get involved in. The real issue here is making sure people know about all the amazing things you do and can offer.

Using the January Campaign materials is one way to help you promote your business and tell of the great benefits martial arts can have. Not only this, but by using the NEST online booking system and having a strong pressence on Facebook, you can also increase the number of trial bookings you get. To get started on Facebook advertising check our previous blogs that cover important aspects of Facebook advertising such as getting started and re-targeting.

Be Ready for the ‘lull’

be ready for the quiet times in your martial arts business

Although January is a great time to get new students, you may find that come March/April your sign-up numbers may begin to decrease from the January rush. This isn’t because your lessons are the problem, it is usually due to the buzz around getting back into shape dieing down. It’s in these times that being aware and keeping up your prospecting can help to reduce this effect and help to keep the interest and sign up rates at a more stable level, rather than suddenly drop.

By preparing yourself for the potential decrease in sign-up numbers at given times of the year, you can budget accordingly. This helps keep your business and finances secure, along with setting your marketing budget accordingly to help keep retention rates higher. You can also make use of the myMA Communications System to not only keep current students engaged, but for re-enaging with prospects who have signed up or recently attend a trial lesson.

School & Easter Holidays

prepare for Easter success for your martial arts business

It may seem a little crazy to think of Easter this early but with the March/April ‘lull’ in mind, you can take advantage of the Easter and school holidays to acquire additional students! When children are off school, their parents often look for activities for them to do. Being aware of when these dates are and having a plan in place ready ensures you are able to make the most out of them.

Get yourself ahead of the competition and keep up prospecting, especially at opportune times such as school holidays. You could even consider speaking with local schools to run clubs after school or during half term as part of their physical education. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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