Identifying a target market specific to your school is vital in order to get a higher ROI (return on investment).  Facebook offers detailed targeting options that will allow you to narrow the users who are interested in your service or product based on your brand personas.

What’s a brand persona and why do I need one?

Advertising without knowing your target audience is a waste of money. Advertising with a clear indication of your target audiences demographics is an investment that can generate desired results. You can do this by creating brand personas. A brand persona will describe your ideal target audience in detail. As time and experience prevails you’ll be able to perfect this till you truly know and understand the person(s) who will show an interest in your products. Understanding you personas will help you target your audience through advertising more effectively.

How do I create a customer persona?

Here’s an example of a customer persona for someone that would potentially be interested in Martial Arts:

Name: Jeff Kingsland Age: 33 Gender: Male Location: Nottingham Marital Status: Divorced

Children: 2 Children Career: Retail Manager

Interests: Football, Fashion, Nottingham News, children activities, Harry Potter, TV series

Earning: £30k Per Annum


Jeff is a Retail manager that works 8-5pm Monday to Friday with the requirement to work odd weekends. Jeff has been divorced for 5 years and now lives on his own in south of Nottingham. In his spare time he looks after his two children James (14) and Joseph (6). Jeff is always looking for ways to entertain is children and would like to find something that gets them away from their games consoles and keeps them active for 1-2hours in the week or weekend. Jeff is active himself and goes to the gym 3-4 times a week.

Challenges: Jeff has currently bought a house and a new car and his repayments are quite high. So he’s looking for affordable things that he can take his kids to.

Now that you have a persona that mimics your ideal customer you will be able to target them with the right messages and the right content. There isn’t a quick alternative to creating content especially content that converts and evokes engagement.

You have access to five potential audiences on Facebook:

  1. Your database of customers or subscribers:

Ensure the email addresses within your database have all subscribed post GDPR and are willing hear from you through other advertising methods.  You can then upload your database to Facebook this audience is already engaging with you they already like and trust what your brand is offering.

  1. Users who have already visited your website:

In order to do this you will need to install the Facebook Pixel this is a small piece of code that you can insert into the header of your website. This code will track the actions of the users that have visited your website and therefore allow you to re-target them through the use of Facebook advertising.

  1. Lookalike audiences

Target an audience that is similar to the audience that is already engaging with your Facebook page. This is what is meant by ‘lookalike’ audience. Facebook will look at these audiences and see data that is very similar to your current following.

  1. Find a new audience

Find new a new audience who may not be aware of your brand or service. You can do this by understanding your brand personas and then using Facebooks detailed targeting options to refine your search. Creating a brand persona will make it easier to understand Location, age, interests, income, trends and much more.

  1. Facebook Friends and fans

Community is very important to Facebook and now that Facebooks algorithm has changed the platform looks for ‘meaningful engagement’ so finding ways to engage with your current audience will inevitably increase your reach. Advertising will increase the likelihood of people wanting to interact with your brand.

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