5 Things you need to update before you re-open your Martial Arts School.

5 Things you need to update before you re-open your Martial Arts School post covid-19.

Keeping up with the pace of the ever-changing digital landscape can be difficult. At the heart of any business is communication and ensuring prospects and current students are up to date and engaged with everything that is happening at your school is a great way to generate leads and retain students.

Coronavirus and the impact it has had on your school is on everyone’s mind at the moment which is why its vital to keep people updated with the measures and changes you are putting in place. It is important to have an omni channel approach to this so there is consistency in the message you are communicating across your digital platforms which include your website, social channels and search engines.

So, lets go through the five areas that its vital for you to keep a close eye on and update as and when things change for your business.

1. Student Database

Good customer service begins and ends with how you manage your student data. Ensure you have gone through your student database and updated any student information that you will require to contact students.

Create email workflows/automations to ensure that your engaging with your student database with tips & tricks, Mental Health advice, new workouts and most importantly dojo updates that will keep them in the loop with what is going to happen going forward.

2. Your Website

Here are a few ways you will need to update your website to ensure you cover all bases:


In most cases the homepage of your website is where majority of your users will land organically unless you have set up and optimised separate landing pages for different purposes. If your using a myMA website you will find that our easy drag & drop engine will enable you to amend information quickly and easily.

Add a banner to the slider or the top of your homepage which leads the user to a separate page which shares information about what your club has done and is doing. This could be information about the current services you are still running and how students can have access to your club either online or physically. Ensure the banner is eye catching and share as much information as possible in a short concise way.


Check your emails, social media comments and existing students you have communicated with to find out what questions are on peoples minds. This will help you guide people to the right place when the same questions have been asked. Also this is where you can share your alternative offerings like online training, special pricing and online store offers.

Additional Pages:

If you have adapted your business and now offering a new product or service ensure you have informative pages with pictures, videos and testimonials for those products so you can promote them with a link to these pages on your social media pages. This can be a part of your content promotion strategy.


If you display pricing on your website ensure you have up to date guidance on pricing. If you don’t list pricing this is a good time to create a page where you allow users the option to contact you for further information on the covid-19 packages you offer.

3. Google my Business

Sometimes this an oversight by instructors and many business owners but ensure that anyone who searches for your service or club on google will have the accurate opening times and location. Again if your selling a new product or service you can also create a post about it on GMB.

Here is how you can update your google my business profile: https://support.google.com/business/answer/9773423

4. Social media channels

Work through all the social platforms that you use to communicate to your audiences, update your bios and brand descriptions as well as these following sections:

-Header Images

-Pinned posts

-Links within bios

This is a time to be a leader within your market and have a voice of reassurance to people that you’re in this together and will come out of it together. This is a difficult time for people physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. Offer advice and guidance across your social media pages through short form content to connect and communicate to your Martial Arts community.

5. Adverts

Whilst advertising is the cheapest its ever been for a while if your messages are still not accurate and relevant you will mislead your audiences. Many Martial Arts schools have adverts that run all year round. Ensure if you are one of those schools your adverts are updated.

Advertising platforms to update:


-Google Ads

-Any offline advertising you may also be doing (posters, flyers etc.)


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