5 ways to attract more Martial Arts students without spending money on advertising

5 ways to attract more Martial Arts students without spending money on advertising

In order to be a successful and growth orientated business you need to attract and retain new students every month. In past blog posts and Facebook posts we’ve spoken about the importance of noise which raises awareness. The majority of Martial Arts schools have the habit of promoting their school and its offering in short bursts when they feel that they need to attract new students. The problem with this strategy is you wont have the consistent awareness that is needed in order to attract monthly interest from students.
You can’t scale your business if you keep doing the same things you’ve always done. Its time to be consistent and grow your Martial Arts School by ramping up your Marketing efforts consistently. Promoting your business can be expensive and investing money into advertising will create noise but you still may not get the ROI you want. The way to win in 2019 is to try and cover as many basis as possible and promote your best content through advertising.
Here are five ways you can generate interest without spending money on any advertising:

1. Consistent Content POST.. POST.. POST..

Regular and up-to-date content can really ramp up your marketing awareness organically. Keeping all your social media channels and website up-to-date is vital to reach potential students on a regular basis. Use our NEST management wall planner to identify key dates in the calendar which can help you create content.
Posting consistently will enable you to really engage your existing audience as well as organically reaching a wider potential audience through likes and shares. Make sure you post tactical and strategic content across all the platforms where your key target audiences resides and ensure that if you are posting regularly then the content delivers nothing but value.

2. Promotional Video

Did you know Facebook are now leveraging their efforts even more to drive more attention towards Facebook video. It’s a new platform within Facebook called Facebook Watch it showcases small clips making it easier for your friends and followers to view the videos you post.
Video is a great way to visually represent your brand. Creating a showreel video of your current services and students give potential students an idea of what it would be like to be a part of your school and the benefits they would expect.

3. Effective Email Automations

You might be thinking how do I send emails to people if I don’t have their email addresses? When promoting your club or offer they’re two things you should be aiming for:
A. Get them to sign up for a class
B. leave details with you (Email, Telephone number, social media handle)
Almost every time someone engages with your club you should acquire their email address. Then easily create a profile of these users within myMA which will enable you to set up automated email workflows to send out timely and effective emails to attract and convert potential students.

4. Social Boost strategy

You might be wondering what is a social boost strategy? A lot of businesses have customers that are very loyal to the brand, these customers are also known as brand advocates they’re very valuable assets to your business and must be nurtured correctly to increase brand loyalty over time.
The social boost strategy uses these brand advocates to boost your offering across social media. The key is to tell your followers a day and an exact time you want them to post and across the platforms that are best suited towards target audiences. This is an effective low cost strategy that requires you to utilise your existing network.

5. Testimonials

Up-to-date and regular testimonials from people who interact with any of your services is important. Its important that these reviews are visible and accessible to potential students. This can be done by posting them individually on Facebook, Facebook stories, Instagram, Instagram stories as well as a section on your website. Get into the habit of asking people to leave positive reviews after you’ve interacted with them.

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