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It is that time of year again; all the kids are going back to school, if not already back, which can only mean one thing…it is time to make the most of your ‘Back to School’ campaign material. In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the things you should consider doing to make the most of the campaign materials.

Jack Bradley - Marketing Executive

Downloads with benefits

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Your first port of call is to make sure you have the ‘Back to School’ campaign materials downloaded; which can be accessed via the myMA Marketing Toolkit. There is a wide selection of materials available in all kinds of formats; we have even included some editable materials that you can fill in your school details from home!

Just because it is ‘Back to School’ doesn’t mean you should only advertise children’s classes. It is also an opportunity to advertise adult classes too!

Once you have the relevant materials downloaded, you should get them filled in and out into circulation as soon as possible. Now is a great time for you to increase your student numbers, so you need to make the most of it. If you want some ideas on where or how to market your ‘Back to School’ materials, we have included a Get ready for Back to School – Top 5 Tips on myMA to help you.

Come one, Come all

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Once you have the message out there, it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting for new students to roll in…right? Unfortunately not, this is a great time for you to be proactive and keep working hard! So you can’t just sit back and relax just yet I’m afraid.

If I leave a message will they even call me back?

Make a proactive effort to respond to any enquiries you get about joining or attending a trial lesson. The sooner you can do this, the better. I know this is something easier said than done, especially if you have a busy class schedule, but this is a potential new student you could be losing. As Louisa pointed out in her blog post about The importance of a phone call, it’s important that if you can’t answer, to respond when you can and before you forget.

Gone but not forgotten

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So the marketing was a success, people came to a trial lesson and seemed to enjoy it which is great news. Now it is time to follow up and keep that level of success going! Send out a thank you email or text message using the myMA communications tool and encourage them to come along to another lesson. If they have not come back and some time has passed (around 1 to 2 weeks), send a reminder email or text inviting them to another class.

Feedback is important, it helps you to improve and find out where you might be going wrong, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

You may also wish to consider getting some feedback; ask them what they thought, what was good? What was bad? What could be improved? This way, even if they don’t become a student, you can find out why and improve!

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas of how you can use and capitalise on the Back to School Campaign materials. Be sure to take full advantage of the materials available on the myMA Marketing Toolkit. If you find yourself struggling a little, give the Marketing Team a call on 0115 945 5030 and they will help guide you.

Have you had any success with the Back to School Campaign material so far? Have you not had any luck so far? I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on the materials on offer, you can email me at

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