Back to school already!?

Back to school already!?

It’s always important for you to take some time out and recharge your batteries and soak up the sun. But try not to over relax and forget about your martial arts business as now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game and start preparing for the back to school rush.

If you have set some time aside over the summer break to get away, soak up the sun and have a few cheeky cocktails on the beach, then great! You will have no doubt earned it. But as unfortunate as it may feel to leave the all-inclusive resort behind, there is a business back home waiting for you.

Once you’re back, fully recharged and refreshed, make the effort to put this new found energy into preparing your business for the ‘back to school rush’.

Whether you stayed open during the summer or closed your school, you should be setting time aside to prepare for the ‘back to school rush’. This is a key time of the year to get more students into your school and the more prepared you are, the more chance you have of doing just that.

I know it may seem quite early for the back to school campaign, but it is this early approach that is going to help get you ahead of the game. The last thing you will want is to be running around like a headless chicken trying to play catch up.

Get started with this planning sooner rather than later as it will give you more time to develop and improve upon things. Remember, it is always better to be pro-active rather than re-active whenever possible.

One important thing you need to sort out sooner rather than later, is getting your classes up to date on your Get Into Martial Arts listing. If you have changed any of your class details, added new lessons or have adjusted or you are missing age tags, be sure these are reflected accurately in your Get Into Martial Arts listing. Once you’ve got this sorted, you can relax a little knowing that people are booking onto the right class at the right time at the right location.

Another important thing, is to let people know what special offers or classes you might be running. To help with this, we have released our Back to School campaign materials to help make things a little easier for you. Be sure to get started with these sooner rather than later, as we would rather see you struggling with too many student signups, than struggling to get student sign ups… Time is can be a big factor here.

As always, if you want any extra advice, tips or help with any of the topics mentioned above, or if you would like some artwork that is a little more bespoke for your ‘back to school campaign’. Don’t hesitate to contact our marketing team who are always more than happy to help you.

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