Back to School Marketing: Video Scripts

As the back-to-school season approaches, parents and children are preparing for a new chapter. This period presents a golden opportunity for you to engage with parents seeking activities that will occupy their children in the new school year.

To help you create a compelling marketing campaign targeting these parents, we’ve created a series of video scripts you can use to showcase the benefits of martial arts and your back-to-school offers.

Use these scripts to create videos you could use in any number of ways, from your next Facebook ad campaign or in emails to prospects who haven’t signed up to your school yet.

These scripts are built to be versatile, be flexible with them and make sure to include your own offers and benefits for your school. You don’t need to stick to them 100%, make them unique to you and your school. Make sure you add subtitles to your videos for people who need or like to watch without sound.

Video’s help to captivate your audience and drive enrolments. Whether you’re looking to tap into the power of special offers, emphasize the transformative power of martial arts, or create a fun and engaging challenge, we’ve got you covered!

Back-to-School Special Offer

“Gear up for a fantastic school year with our exclusive back-to-school special offer!

Our martial arts program not only helps kids stay physically active but also develops crucial life skills like discipline and respect.

For a limited time, enrol your child in our program, and they’ll receive a FREE uniform and one-month training.

Join our martial arts family, where every child is encouraged to grow and succeed.

Don’t miss this incredible offer! Contact us today and secure your child’s spot in our back-to-school program!”


Prepare for Success

“With the new school year just around the corner, it’s time to gear up for success!

Book your first class for free and enrol your child in our martial arts classes, give them the tools they need to excel in school and life.

Our martial arts classes not only teach self-defence but also essential life skills.

Our instructors instil valuable qualities like discipline, respect, and focus, setting the foundation for academic achievement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your child’s full potential. Book today!”


Boost Your Child’s Confidence

“Give your child the gift of confidence this back-to-school season!

Our martial arts classes empower children to believe in themselves and tackle any obstacle that comes their way.

Our supportive instructors are committed to nurturing your child’s self-esteem and personal growth.

Enrol now and witness the transformation as your child’s confidence soars to new heights

Give your child the confidence they need to succeed in school and beyond. Contact us today!”


Join our Back-to-School Martial Arts Challenge

“Are your kids ready for an adventure this back-to-school season?

Our back-to-school martial arts challenge is packed with thrilling activities, teamwork, and valuable life skills.

Your child will gain confidence, focus, and leadership skills while making new friends.

Sign up now for our limited-time martial arts challenge, and watch your child grow in ways you never imagined. As part of the challenge you’ll get *INSERT OFFER HERE*.

Give your child the ultimate back-to-school adventure. Contact us today and secure their spot in the challenge!”


Unlock Your Child’s Potential!

“As the new school year approaches, we know that you want your child to excel in every aspect of life. At our martial arts school, we believe that success starts with a strong foundation.

Our experienced instructors are dedicated to nurturing not only their martial arts skills but also the qualities that lead to success in school and beyond.

Give your child the gift of confidence, resilience, and discipline. Enrol them in our martial arts program today!

Unlock your child’s true potential with our transformative martial arts classes. Contact us now to begin their journey towards greatness!”

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