Best Defence – Is No Be There

A very famous line, from a very famous film.

But moreover, didn’t Mr Miyagi really hit the nail on the head in the Karate Kid film when he said to Daniel-san “best defence, is no be there”

This quote is likely to resonate with most of you, as teachers of Martial Arts you are equipping individuals with the skills to help them to defend themselves in dangerous situations; however it is a vital element of your teaching to ensure that your students use their skills appropriately and that their ability to spot trouble coming and avoid it altogether is tuned in and refined!

But looking at this in a wider context, maybe there is a greater meaning to Mr Miyagi’s simple sentiment.

In business and in our personal lives by making sound choices we can often avoid finding ourselves in a position where we are forced to act defensively.

Using legal documents like Partnership Agreements and LLPs, Franchise Agreements, Service Contracts and Employment Contracts mean that we are more likely to avoid finding ourselves exposed to another party trying to make claims against us.

Rather than having to defend ourselves in a legal dispute, our best line of defence, as Mr Miyagi said, is simply to not be there! In other words, make sure we are astute enough to spot problems that may arise and put actions in place to avoid them.

We are here to help you with all of these matters, please do talk to us if you would like any advice or guidance.

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