Black Friday – Martial Arts Friday

Martial Arts Friday is the new Black Friday.

Black Friday is fast approaching on the 29th November 2019. Are you ready? have you decided on your campaign? you might also be thinking at this stage, I’m a Martial Arts school and I don’t really see how my school can compete or offer huge black Friday discounts or you might be thinking I’ve ran a black Friday sale previously and didn’t get any results.
Black Friday hit its peak in the UK in 2014. Brands would offer huge discounts to drive people to their physical stores which helped businesses reach their targets before the busy Christmas months. A lot has changed since then and Black Friday has now become a weekend long sales push with offers starting before the actual date. You may have also heard the phrase Cyber Monday which offers deals across the internet.
Where does your Martial Arts school fit into all of this and how can you make the most out of Black Friday & Cyber Monday? #BFCM

Here are three things you need to keep in mind when starting a campaign for Black Friday.

1. What will your offer be this Black Friday & Cyber Monday?
2. How will you promote your offer?
3. How will people respond to your promotion?
The goal is to drive traffic to your black Friday offer. This blog will cover the online digital approach you can take but it is also as important to think about your offline strategy and how you will communicate your offering to your local community.
Below we will walk you through a campaign the NEST marketing team has produced so you dont have to do anything if you don’t want to. Just like our school management system myMA we have tried to make this year’s Black Friday as easy to follow as possible.

The Campaign

During the black Friday sales, you will see an increase in competition. If your competitors have not been advertising that much during the year, they certainly will during the BFCM sales and if they don’t have BFCM strategy in place there is an opportunity for your club to get the brand awareness and traffic it deserves.
We have a three-step campaign that will raise awareness, drive traffic and re-target audiences. We will promote this campaign through Facebook.

The Martial Arts community is huge and we want to make sure that all Martial Arts schools are advocating MARTIAL ARTS FRIDAY to increase the awareness of schools around the UK that offer an amazing opportunity to parents and children to get involved and learn the art of self defence and mind mastery.

Sound good?
lets get started.

Click here Download your campaign materials and how to guide.

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