Blogging about Blogging?

Blogging about Blogging?

Why you should have a Blog on your Martial Arts website!

A Martial Arts business these days is more than just teaching classes. It’s always been more than just being a teacher, an individual that’s more than just telling students what to do, a guide, a mentor, a confidant and even more so now, an entrepreneur.

Managing your business’ social media content, bookings, website, admin fees and so much more all comes under one roof as a Martial Arts business owner. Of course, the NEST Management Systems help a lot with having the myMA Business Management Software all in one place, but content creation is a key part of any business in the modern day!

So, let’s talk about Blogs, are you blogging, if not, why not? There are many benefits to a blog. Here are a few reasons as to why you should be blogging for your Martial Arts Business:


We’ll go there right away, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about improving the amount of traffic your website gets through search engines. Organic non paid traffic that will be driven there by the content within your website. So, what does that mean for your blog? An average blog should be around 1500 words. That’s for peak blogness! Think about what your blog is about, is the subject providing value? Is it legible? But do remember, not every blog needs to be that long, if you can create good content that is around 500 words that will also suffice.

Building a rapport with your audience and new audiences

Billions of people use the internet daily and we don’t need to tell you that! Your hardcore audience that are visiting your social media pages and maybe even your website already, why not use your blog to gain rapport and more engagement with existing ones? When providing value with your content it’s also expanding that reach to newer audiences that may not have visited your website before your blog, from there you can use it to promote your services and eventually convert prospects into students for your Martial Arts school!

Generate leads, advertise your business

There are many ways to generate leads and gain more students, NEST Management have which is a class directory where you can upload your class details and have students come to you via the website. Comprehensive promotional campaign materials and ad copy made by NEST also help to generate leads for your Martial Arts school.

The paragraph above is a prime example of advertising a business within a blog. You may know that we offer these services but others reading this blog for the first time who don’t know who we are (hello there) now know a small number of fantastic services NEST Management have to offer! Think about how you can create content that is useful for readers. You can add in the benefits they can gain by using your services within your blog.

You are an expert

And you should show that! An expert in your field that has shown dedication for years in your art, a continuous Martial Art journey that you’ve decided to share your wisdom to your students. You know what you’re talking about, the benefits of Martial Arts, the forms, the principles, the overall experience and how it can help students of all ages. Use a blog to show this and prove why they should attend your Martial Arts school/club.

Learning is fun, honest!

Taking the opportunity to write a blog or series of blogs is a great way to learn on the go, improve your writing skills, tech skills and even learn more about the subject you’re basing it on. Blogs are one piece of content, correct? Well, how about making a top 5 list… That one blog can now be turned into potentially 5 different Instagram posts, maybe it can also be turned into a shareable video? It’s your content, do with it what you will!

Your story, your way

Write how you want to write and do it the way you want to. Making sure the facts you give are correct after doing research on your subject, you know that your work is correct and well made. Are you telling a success story? Telling it on your blog is a great way to get the information you want in there. Important parts only, none of the uninteresting bits.

Be an inspiration

Inspire others, teach, show the world who you are and what you can do to help. Just a few ways to be an inspiration to the wider community. Success stories that show off the benefits of Martial Arts, that the long journey is worth it. This is also another way to help you as a business to indirectly sell your services to the reader.

But are you relevant?

What’s trending, is it relevant to you and your business? How can this be used? All questions that you can find out and use to your advantage, keeping up with these trends are just one type of blog, however they can age rather quickly. Using a mixture of trending subjects and something called ‘evergreen’ content (something that will always be the same) are important factors to consider when creating your blog content plan (which is recommended when starting a blog)

Fun but not easy

Hey, are you having fun, have you learnt something new? Blogging can be a lot of fun, thinking of subjects, planning out a template and structure of the blog and of course being proud of your creation once it’s completed. As fun as it can be, sometimes it’s easier said than done, taking time out of your workday, something you might not be used to doing but having a blog page on your website is one of many different tools you should have within your toolbox to help you and your business grow.

Don’t give up, being consistent, going at your own pace and not pushing yourself too much are key points to remember.

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And happy blogging…

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