Campaign materials and you

Campaign materials and you

So we have already spoken about how the ‘back to school rush’ is an opportune time of year for you to get new students. We even spoke about using the new back to school materials (which you can download from myMA) to help make things easier. Well this week we are going to look at some do’s and don’ts when it comes to using these types of materials.

Text and information

When it comes to our campaign materials, we want to give you a selection of professional looking materials that can quickly be customised to your school. This is done to help free up more time for teaching while still having high quality artwork to promote your business.

I have a lot of classes and things to offer, I need to let people know!

If you have a lot of classes and things to offer that’s great! But remember who these materials are going to be viewed by. It can be tempting to use abbreviations, which to you and other martial artists may make sense, but to a total beginner, means nothing.

If you have a class that runs on several days, times and locations it can be a bit of an issue to fit this all on one poster, flyer or leaflet. Make life easier by seperating the information out onto several materials and place them at the relevant locations where the classes are held.

When it comes to contact details, try to give people one number to call as you know when someone rings that number, it could be a potential student. For those of you who may be a little too busy to answer your phone all the time, make sure you have an answerphone and you follow up on those voicemails!

Make your imagery personal

Imagery is the ‘eye candy’ of your campaign materials that really help to emphasise the message or offer you are trying to get across. While it is nice to use some professional stock images that look pretty and well made, these don’t fully represent you and your school. That’s why we have designed the latest campaign materials to include the option to replace certain images with your own.

Does this mean I can start using pictures of my own classes and students?

It sure does! just be sure to get permission for who is in the photo first. This helps avoid any issues that could arise when it comes to printing the artwork or publishing it online.

The next thing you need to think about is the photo itself. Don’t worry if you don’t have a big expensive camera, as any modern smartphone can take a good quality picture. Be sure to showcase your classes or school in the best possible light… literally! Make sure that there is plenty of light in the picture. Also aim to make sure everyone is in the frame (try not to cut off any heads, ouch!), everyone’s eyes are open and that everything that needs to be in focus, is in focus.

If you fancy yourself a bit of a shutter bug or even know someone who is, why not experiment and get some action shots during one of your lessons. Also think about people who are completely new to martial arts, as heavily based punching and kicking images might not appeal to them quite as much. Getting the right kind of image for the target audience could really help give a good impression of your school.

Resist the urge

We want you to have your take on the campaign materials and really make them your own, so long as it is the right approach to get you leads. But rather than having a go yourself, why not get in touch with our marketing team and request more bespoke artwork that better meets your specific requirements? This allows you to focus your time on your school and still get more bespoke campaign material, the best of both worlds!

For any information or to discuss things further, you can contact our marketing team who are always here to help.

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