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About Evolution Taekwondo

Evolution Taekwondo was established in 2003 with a vision of bringing Olympic Taekwondo to the community of Peterborough and has grown from a small club running out of leisure centres to become one of the UK’s largest Olympic Taekwondo Academy’s.

Our full time facility has over 250 child and adult members regularly attending lessons at Peterborough Martial Arts Academy. With over 30 classes a week for different age groups and abilities, Evolution Taekwondo takes pride in the quality of tuition and the welfare of its students.

We teach 3-4 year olds as part of our ‘Little Monsters’ programme, which  gives them a chance to have fun whilst at the same time learn new skills and help develop their co-ordination and balance. We teach the basics of Taekwondo through fun games and drills.

Our ‘Active Start’ programme (aimed at 5-6 year olds), introduces young children to martial arts and fitness and aims to improve their fine motor skills through play.  As well as teaching them the basics of taekwondo and the importance of fitness, we focus on life skills such as manners, etiquette and discipline in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Children aged 7-12 will join our exciting foundation programme and most students will be here for up to 9 months, giving them all the basic knowledge of Taekwondo before they advance to our Intermediate program.

Once students achieve the rank of green tag they step up to the intermediate classes, where they will begin to learn the more advanced Taekwondo techniques. After another 9 months to a year, our intermediate members will achieve their blue belt and progress onto our advanced class.

This programme will take our members up to their black belt and beyond. Honing their skills throughout the lessons, students will continue to learn new exciting aspects of Taekwondo. Here, we begin to see the makings of our future instructors and maybe the next Olympic champion!

For teenagers and adults we offer traditional, sport and self defence lessons to cater for all needs and abilities.

At Evolution Taekwondo we understand that some ladies are not comfortable training in a mixed class and with this in mind, we offer Ladies only classes for females aged 13 and over.

The Club is very friendly and actively encourages all family members to try Taekwondo. In addition to this we also teach in schools, the workplace and also work with local law enforcement.

About David

‘I have been practicing Taekwondo since 1992 and it was always my ambition to become an instructor, which I achieved in 2002. A year later I started to run my own club, Evolution Taekwondo, which has grown from strength to strength.

Over the years I feel immensely proud of the impact Evolution Taekwondo has had on so many lives in the community. To see my students go from white belt to black belt and some of them progress to becoming instructors, gives me a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.

I look forward to seeing Evolution Taekwondo thrive in the future and it is my long term aim to continue to inspire people of all ages.’

David is ably assisted at by his two full time instructors Carl Smith and Sam Jones who are both following their true passion and realising their dreams of teaching Taekwondo to others.


I was originally collecting cash by the lesson when I set up my school.  As student numbers increased this took more time at the beginning of each lesson and checking who had and hadn’t paid was becoming a bit of a problem.

I was recommended NEST by a colleague and after a phone call with Gerard I decided to go and meet with him and the team.

I did not really know what to expect but I was really impressed with the set up at NEST and how professional they were.

During my discussion with Gerard it soon became apparent that NEST weren’t just about the billing side of things, although I could see that they did this particularly well.

It was all of the added value extra services you get access to once you have joined that really caught my attention.  The Network meetings are excellent and very well attended due to the interesting subject matter and high profile speakers.

NEST invests heavily in new technology which has proved very useful to us in the management of our students and the running of our school.  The new school system and the Barcode scanning application have been particularly helpful.

NEST has also been invaluable to us with their help and guidance in terms of planning and forecasting for the future.  They have a number of tools available to help you get organised, including budget planners and a Marketing Planning tool which shows you how many leads, intros and sign ups you need each month in order to achieve your financial goals.

Gerard or one of the NEST team are always available to help with any business issue we may have, whether it is related to marketing, IT, finance or business in general there is always somebody on hand to help.

(Interview from February 2012 )

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