Don’t scare your students away!

Don’t scare your students away!

It’s coming up to that time of year where you can put on your scary costume, shock your neighbors and enjoy one too many sweets. I am of course talking about Halloween! But just because it’s about ghosts, ghouls and witches, doesn’t mean you should be scaring your students away.

Party time!


We all love a good party, and what better excuse than Halloween to throw an affordable and fun filled party. Not only is throwing a Halloween party an excuse for you to put on a costume, but it is also a great way to engage with your students and their parents. There are some useful tips and resources on myMA for setting up your Halloween party and with a month to prepare, there is no excuse not to give it go!


Having a Halloween party is a great way to help with your retention. It helps to create a sense of community within your club and helps students to feel more comfortable and happy as part of it. This is something that could also be promoted towards the student’s parents and who knows, they could even join your club too!


If you decide to throw a Halloween party for your students, why not look to extend the invitation to their friends as well? This could be a great way for them to see the sense of community and fun that you’re promoting through the event. They will hopefully have a lot of fun, a great time and may even consider starting up lessons.

Additional Revenue


Throwing a Halloween party can also be a good way to earn some additional money towards the running costs of your business. Why not host a variety of ‘pocket money games’ for the kids to enjoy, you could also look to sell drinks to the parents attending.

Help promote teamwork

Throwing a Halloween party isn’t something you have to do all by yourself. You can ask your students and their parents to get involved by bringing an item of food for the buffet, helping to set up decorations or to run one of the ‘pocket money games’ on the night.

By delegating jobs out, you can in many cases help people feel more at ease, as well as promote the benefits of teamwork.

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