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When it comes to advertising on social media, Facebook is certainly one of the more popular choices. This is more than likely due to its large audience base and impressive array of options for setting up adverts. But for those of you who may have wanted a little bit more creativity from your adverts, Facebook has been hard at work on it’s next advert type, ‘Canvas’. This week we are going to cover what canvas is and some of the ways you would use it to help promote your martial arts business.

Jack Bradley | NEST Management

What is it?

Canvas is a new advertising tool exclusive to Facebook that has been designed to give you more creativity when it comes to your ads. It combines elements you may already be familiar with such as multiple image and video adverts. It then combines these elements into one single advert that is optimised for mobile users. The advert, once pressed, loads very quickly, becomes full screen and utilises the touch controls of any smartphone or tablet it is displayed on.


What can it do?

Canvas is a unique type of Facebook Advert that is built with mobile devices in mind. It initially starts with a preview of the advert that when clicked, turns into a full display experience (see the image below). While full screen on the device, the ad takes advantage of some of the devices features (where available) such as pan and tilt. Features such as this add an element of interactivity to your advert that can engage users in a much more creative way.

Think of it like a website landing page built directly into facebook, although you will need to link it to an actual page on your website to make full use of the advert.

Facebook Canvas Animated Image

Who is it for?

Canvas is aimed at people who want a more visual, brand building and storytelling approach to their adverts. For example, as a martial arts business owner, you could use Canvas to illustrate your style of martial arts, a wider view of your dojo or academy and a short video of one of your classes. This type of advert would give people viewing it a better idea of what you offer and what they could expect if they came along to a class.


How will it affect me?

Canvas is still something that is quite new and that serves a particular purpose in terms of your advertising. It’s safe to say that it won’t be your only option when it comes to advertising your business. However, it is something that you should consider for your bigger promotions, generating more brand awareness or to use as part of an ongoing campaign, such as ‘summer camp’ promotions.


Should I use it?

This is something that boils down to the objective of your advert; for example, if it is to raise awareness of and promote a new class, you may want to use something such as a single image advert to keep things short and sweet. If however you are looking to promote your martial arts business, its classes and benefits through several images and even a video, then a Canvas advert is something you may want to consider. Canvas has been designed to utilise imagery, video and several text elements; so if you only have the one message about your new class, you may find yourself struggling for content with a Canvas based advert.

If Facebook advertising is something you are still getting into and learning, I would also recommend you wait a while before using Canvas, as this will allow you to become a little more familiar with Facebook’s advert systems over all.We will be posting a guide on how to produce your very own Canvas advert in the near future, so keep an eye on the blog to make sure you don’t miss out!

If there is anything more you would like to know about Facebook’s Canvas advert tool, you can find out more HERE or you’re welcome to get in touch with the Marketing Team at NEST.

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