New Year’s Resolution: Sign Up the Silent Attendant

New Year’s Resolution: Sign Up the Silent Attendant


This way, please…

Take off your shoes, thank you.

You are AMAZING!

Words delivered by an attractive, helpful attendant. A hard worker available 24/7 to bang your drum.  An eye-catching accessory that demands no effort and makes no noise.

Would you like one for your martial arts academy?  In fact, how about five or six, as many as you need?

Now before you decide you’ve dropped onto a salacious advert or go dashing off to your local Job Centre demanding to interview the gorgeous silent assistants you read about who are available to work for you for nothing, let me explain.

The industrious eye-candy I’m referring to is signage.

Yep, signs.

And breathe.

Powerful, soundless aids a martial arts academy can display to communicate with students and visitors and grab their attention.  Versatile, efficient tools that once installed, endlessly and silently greet, inform, safeguard and motivate club members and visitors day-in, evening-out, while club owners and instructors get on with their jobs.

Most of you will be using signage already.  Prior to attending your club, visitors were drawn in through the doors by a sign outside your premises and an information board detailing classes, weren’t they?

If not, here’s your starting point.

Exterior signage is a constant salesperson and flag-bearer, ever on duty to promote your brand and drive business inside.  These signs form first contact with your public so it is essential to make them impactive, a strong visual representation of your club’s style and offerings.

The benefits of signage don’t end there.  Once the public is visually drawn to enter the club, way-finding signs should take them on a journey – offering direction, allowing for smooth-flow of traffic in and around training areas, yes, but signage can do much more, like welcome, advise, reassure, encourage and ultimately thank.  Such attentive detail and consideration for visitors to your club will foster peace of mind, confidence, trust, and benefit goodwill for the business.

Created and used well, signs engage and look professional.

Don’t overlook them either as a cost-effective means to inject functional design and style into your club interior.  With imagination and the right message they will continuously promote your club’s unique identity, values and message, and make the place look sharp while doing it.

Signage is a worthy investment and there’s much to recommend deploying it in a martial arts environment and many stunning, fun guises to choose from – roller banners, wall and window vinyls, hexi-signs, illuminated panels, information boards, flags, inflatables, imprinted flooring and mats, branded furniture and equipment…  The only limit, imagination.

So as we approach 2019, why not make it your New Year’s Business Resolution to sign up with silent attendants and get the word out.

About the author: Moira Spencer previously enjoyed a long, successful career in publishing sports titles, including Martial Arts Illustrated and MMA Uncaged magazines. Now qualified in Professional Interior Design, she has combined this creativity with her knowledge and understanding of the sports industry to launch Glove & Lotus, an interior design consultancy specifically for sports academies, clubs, studios and home gyms. For more details on this unique service, visit phone 0787 8750045 or email

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