Google Analytics reports that are quick and easy to read…

While Google Analytics is a powerful tool for giving you data on your website’s performance, sometimes it can be difficult to make sense out of all the numbers, graphs and pie charts.

Fortunately there’s a tool you can use that translates all that data into an easy to read report and the best thing is it’s free to use for up to 10 websites!

Welcome to Quill Engage

Quill Engage helps you see in an instant what is driving traffic and conversions on your site.

Using this report you can make changes, recommendations and improvements to your website. See example below:

Quill Engage Easy Google Analytics

How it works

Go to Quill Engage and sign up. Authorise retrieval of your Google Analytics and once that’s done you’ll see the Quill Engage dashboard where you can set up and run your reports weekly and monthly. You can either view them inside the dashboard or read them in your inbox when they’re automatically emailed to you.


Quill Engage makes producing Google Analytics reports easier. While you’ll still need to get your hands dirty in Google Analytics to get more detailed and in-depth information, Quill Engage still gives you plenty of data to help you make improvements to your website to help you drive more traffic and conversions to your website.

For NEST clients who need help with their Martial Arts online marketing or anything website related check out the marketing toolkit or email the marketing team.

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