How to be a Buddhist Millionaire – Matt Jardine

How to be a Buddhist Millionaire – Matt Jardine

As martial artists it’s safe to say that we have the courage to stare adversity in the face.

Few of us then will deny that, post Corona, our work and business life will be irrevocably changed.

A year ago, long before we knew about Covid-19, I was finishing the final sentence of my latest book, ‘How to be a Buddhist Millionaire’. It wasn’t written with the financial and professional consequences of lockdown in mind, but as my editor, a martial arts fan herself, pointed out: ‘It is more relevant now than ever.’

The book challenges readers to seek an alternative view to work, money and meaning, views that would serve us well in these current times.

Take for example the chapter about ‘Invisible currencies’; those things we all used before the construct of modern money: favours, promises, benevolence, cowrie shells and the like.

My point?

What we are going through now need not be the downfall of our schools and academies.

With support from the likes of NEST, changes in perspective bought about by resources such as ‘How to be a Buddhist Millionaire’, and with your determined effort to get up after the infamous seventh fall, I would like to suggest that our businesses could not only survive this global epidemic, but be enriched by it.

It’s a tough ask, I know, to stare defeat in the eye yet still call it on to fight; but, as martial artists if we can’t do it, who on earth can?

Like you, I too prefer action over words. This post is not a hard sell of my book. I offer it here simply because I genuinely believe it can help and bring comfort to those with whom I share this wonderful industry.  I want us ALL to thrive.

In closing I’ll simply attach the books ‘official blurb’ and leave you to do with it what you will.

I wish you, your families, friends and students the very best in these uncertain times.

Matt Jardine


‘Take a leaf out of Matt’s book free yourself of the fear of money and start living the life you want.’ Moatez Jomni, British Paralympian

Matt Jardine, martial arts teacher and entrepreneur, has spent 20 years seeking the answer to one of life’s ultimate conundrums: how can we lead an authentic, spiritual and creative life in a relentlessly money-centric world?

In this insightful book, he brings together Buddhist teachings, spiritual lessons and the advice and experience of a variety of experts and professionals from a Paralympic athlete, to a West End musical star, to a city banker and presents nine practical lessons to help us all discover our passion and make it pay.

With a light touch, he dispels the deep-rooted fears and limiting beliefs that hold us back, and forces us to question the very foundations of our lives and what really matters.

How to be a Buddhist Millionaire teaches us that money doesn’t have to be a dirty word, and that if you search for happiness rather than the pot of gold, success is more likely to follow.

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