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Ilija Salerno

What style and for how long have you practiced?

Kickboxing – School operating for 20 years with 2 expansions since opening in late 2000/early 2001.

The latest expansion of which was through covid lockdown where we relocated and revamped a new mega unit fit for purposes and since reopening (after lockdown) we have reached record membership numbers every month recurring (4 consecutive months).

Smaller school also opened 3 years ago and since reopening after lockdown has recorded highest membership increase since operations began.

Ilija Salerno – head coach BMA Clondalkin, BMA Naas & security consultant 
Training in kickboxing nearly 30 years under Roy Baker’s famous BMA (Bushido Martial Arts) association and now assistant chief instructor of BMA (second in command after Roy Baker for all BMA).

Most prestigious titles to note:
First Irish WAKO professional world champion
WAKO World Champion
WAKO World bronze medallist
WAKO European bronze medallist
Irish Open multiple champion
World and European multi world cup champion
Irish National Champion x 10 times
Other combat sports practiced and continue to train in: Karate, Boxing.

What inspires you?

I could say the usual cliche responses: ‘for the love of the sport’, ‘watching students train from white belt to black belts’, etc etc…

But the reality is this is my job. I need to be good at it to provide for myself and my family. I need to be able to improve, learn more, adapt and overcome to be able to succeed. 
The big lesson for me was during lockdown. 

If I didn’t adapt to the circumstances, I would have lost my clubs, shut down my businesses and lost my job. I would have been in big trouble financially for myself and my family. I could not let this happen so this is what drives and inspires me. To continue to grow, get better and always improve so that I can provide for myself and my family.
I want to provide the best martial arts facilities in Ireland and not just grow to be the biggest. Biggest and best

What advice would you give to a student and Martial Arts business owner?

Sign up with Nest Management NOW!!!!
You will not regret it!
I regret not signing up with Nest as soon as I opened up my full-time school!

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