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It’s safe to say that January is one of the busier times of year in terms of people looking for new, fun and healthier things to do which is great news for martial arts business owners. With the heightened interest, this means more people are going to be potentially visiting your website, so it is important to convert those visits into trial lesson bookings. This week, I am going to give you some tips to help increase your conversion rate of visits to trial lesson bookings on your website.

Jack Bradley - Marketing Executive

Create a value


Potentially, your conversion rate is determined by the ‘value’ you offer to your visitors, but what exactly is ‘value’? In this instance, it is the primary reason a visitor to your site should sign up to your lessons. The aim is to impress them, answer any questions, show them what’s in it for them and put to rest any reservations they may have.

Letting visitors know the unique benefits you provide is a good way to tackle this. To help convince the visitors further, follow up any claims you make with evidence such as testimonials, imagery or video.

Create flow


Sometimes your conversion rate can be affected by the structure of your content. For example, you may have the special offer (such as a trial lesson) as the first thing a visitor sees’ with additional details much further down the page. This may not always be a bad thing for those who know what they want, but you have to assume that most people don’t know what they want and are on your website to learn more.

It’s a good idea to create content in such a way that visitors are informed more about the offer, before being presented with the offer itself. Providing additional information such as who you are, what you do and the benefits they get from you all help to reduce the chance the visitor will leave without taking up the offer.

Cut the jargon


When producing content, remember that clarity is key, don’t try to use wording that might confuse visitors. Again, assume zero knowledge to be on the safe side and be clear with what you are trying to say.

The easiest way to tell if something is possibly too complicated, imagine saying it to a friend who isn’t familiar with martial arts. If it’s worded in such a way that they wouldn’t understand or that you wouldn’t say verbally, re-word it.

Make it simple


The easier it is for visitors to find their way around your website and find what they are looking for, the more likely it is to have a positive influence on your conversion rate. This ties in well with creating your flow (as mentioned above) and can help you structure your content accordingly.

Using elements that can speed up a visitor’s journey and simplify any processes is a good way to ensure things are kept simple. Things such as online booking can help to achieve this, as visitors interested in your trial class could easily book it through your website.

Some other ways of simplifying things are removing distractions, such as too many links to other content on the pages with your offer, ideally you want visitors to focus on the offer and not get distracted by anything else. It’s also useful to write content that’s aimed at your target audiences, as having something written in business speak aimed at teenagers, for example, would potentially put them off.

To help make the conversion process easier for NEST clients, we have launched our Online Booking Widget that seamlessly integrates with myMA allowing our clients to take trial lesson bookings from their own website.

If there are any additional tips, tricks or advice you would like on improving your conversion rate, let me know at and I will be happy to help.

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