Inspirational Leadership In Martial Arts

Over the past two weekends I have had the great pleasure of celebrating success with two very different groups of martial arts organisation – with Andy Norman’s Defence Labs and last Saturday with Leo Maguire’s UKTC Northern Ireland.

Both of these groups have underpinned my view that martial arts, whether traditional or specialist self defence, is built on great values, great leadership and a great group of instructors.

It was exciting to spend time with both these groups at their award events and to celebrate with them the success of so many instructors and students.

Our industry has huge potential to contribute to every community and age group throughout the country. It is clear to me that success is assured when opportunity collides with the inspiration provided by strong leadership; these were two fabulous examples where both inspiration and leadership prove just what can be accomplished.

Our first conference of 2015 will be held in the spring, and one of the key subjects presented will be about inspiration through great leadership.

“Not only is there an art in knowing a thing, but also a certain art in teaching it.”

(Cicero 106-43 BCC; Roman orator and statesman).

Inspirational Leadership

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