Launch of Matt Fiddes Championship Website

Martial Arts competitions in the UK play a significant role in both cultural impact and economic contribution, reflecting the importance of Martial Arts in society.

The cultural landscape promotes important values such as discipline, respect, and perseverance and with a rich history that has evolved over time, the presence of Martial Arts reflects a broader appreciation and integration of diverse cultural practices, contributing to the multicultural tapestry of British society.

The economic contribution of martial arts is substantial, with MMA being a prime example of a thriving industry. The sport has witnessed explosive growth, transforming from a niche activity into a global phenomenon with a dedicated fanbase and widespread viewership. This growth has spurred increased competition among other sports, driving innovation and investment in the sporting landscape and the Martial Arts Community.

Additionally, hosting major sports events, including martial arts competitions, can deliver substantial economic benefits in terms of trade and investment. A report commissioned by UK Sport highlighted that staging major sporting events in the UK could contribute up to £4 billion in economic benefits.

In our experience with clients, competitions can be an integral part of Martial Arts schools improving their club retention, student morale, generate extra revenue streams and add additional life skills for competing students.

As a major player within the Martial Arts Industry and trusted by over 900 schools across the UK, NEST Management is driven by the belief in the power of Martial Arts to change lives and to make a positive impact in communities, which is why we endeavour to go the extra mile for our clients when it comes to helping their business thrive.

For our latest project we have been working closely with one of our biggest clients, Matt Fiddes who gave us a brief to help him build a bespoke website with a custom shop to help manage his competitions and increase revenue through events management.

With gradings and events playing a huge part in additional revenue and cashflow, we knew if we created and implemented this website correctly, we could help Matt Fiddes’s franchise brand with over hundreds of schools, in thousands of locations in 54 countries to make the management of competitions easier to advertise and manage.

Working closely with Steve James, owner of a very successful MF franchise in North Cheshire, we produced a base competition website, a training video and manual that can be easily understood and distributed to all other regions that compete in competitions.

The bespoke website is mobile friendly and allows users to see what events, grading and competitions are running within their selected school area and provide them with a simple customer journey to register and book spectator tickets at a click of a few buttons. All contained within the website, students can easily book onto competitions and schools’ owners can easily access information on attendees and payment through our revolutionary Management System, which is integrated seamlessly through the website/shop.

This custom shop website we created was also made so that it was easily cloned so once the whole booking process had been connected to our CRM system we could duplicate the shop for other regions of the franchise, reducing time and set up cost and future proofing it to make it a faster process going forward.

With this ProShop set up ready to be easily cloned for multiple locations but all sitting within the same CRM System, it not only helps the Matt Fiddes franchise brand to manage and advertise their competitions but also provides brand consistency, further increasing the reputation and professionalism of the Matt Fiddes schools across the globe.

Check out the MF competition website shop here.

With our team of Martial Arts business experts, we have the knowledge and experience to explore any function requirement for your website and ProShop that you don’t currently have but desperately need. Working together we can build additional websites and help to brand and implement initial content changes for your school, and with trained members of staff on hand when you need us, we can assist in helping you duplicate, amend, and add products for upcoming competitions.

Our ProShop product can not only be used for promoting and managing competitions but also selling equipment and merchandise throughout the year. Having a shop for your students is a great retention tool and a professional feature to upgrade your website, allowing you to sell to your students, achieve additional income and increase cash flow for your business safely and securely.

For more information on our ProShop visit our website here, or watch our quick tour video below.

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