Managing multiple school locations on Facebook just got better…

Managing multiple school locations on Facebook just got better…

If you’re a martial arts school owner running classes from multiple locations, you may find that managing all those individual location pages a challenge. This method is not only a drain on time and resources, but also makes it difficult maintaining consistency when it come to messaging and advertising.
Now though, with Facebook Locations, these problems should be a thing of the past.

What is Facebook Locations?

Under Facebook Locations, Business Page Administrators have the ability to add sub-pages if that business has multiple locations.
Take advantage of Facebook Check In’s while making your locations easier to find
For martial arts business owners who have specific pages for each of their locations, students, parents and employees can check in, showing up on their friends Facebook news feed providing free exposure and awareness.
This offers mobile users on Facebook a quick, easy and convenient way to find business locations nearby while on the move, at work or at home. These location pages show your school’s address, contact number, email and opening hours, making it easier than ever for prospects to get in touch.

Highly targeted Facebook advertising

From a marketing point of view, the most exciting part of Facebook Locations is the ability to create highly targeted ads and offers for each of your location pages, all from one place. For example, if you’re looking to boost student numbers in one specific location, you can run a tailored, bespoke offer that’s only on offer for that location. It’s a great way to run highly targeted, localised ads to your area.

Post content across all (or some) your locations

When it comes to posting, Facebook Business Page Admins have three available options.
You can either publish posts on one specific location page (good for photos and news relevant to that location), on the main page only (if you’re running a general campaign or offer across all of your locations), or the main page and all location pages (Good for January and September during the busy seasons!).
You can also customise the cover and profile photo for each of your page locations, which is a great way to show off your locations or dojos.
Facebook location pages could help your websites rank better locally in Google and Bing too!


Facebook Locations can help martial arts school owners manage their location pages better, easier and more efficiently, while providing an effective way to create and send highly targeted, localised ads to prospective and existing students in your area.
To find out more about Facebook Locations and how to activate it, visit Facebook’s Location page for more guidance and help.

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