Make your ads stand out: ready-to-go ad copy for you to use

If you’re reading this blog then chances are you’ve been lacking inspiration for your ad copy.  Well don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

In an ever-competitive landscape where you’re not just competing with other martial arts schools but swimming, football, dance and a never-ending list of other activities then it’s important that your ads stand out and grab people’s attention.

Basing your ads around a specific offer is a great way of doing this and can help to attract students and encourage them to book on for a trial or sign up with your school.

Read on for the inspiration you need, use the copy as is and simply add in your location and offer details or adapt them for your school.

Happy advertising!

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Limited Time Offer – Children

Primary text:

Parents of *LOCATION*

Here at *SCHOOL NAME* we’re running a crazy offer to promote our classes.

We have 15 places to give away *OFFER*

❓ Do you want your child to gain confidence?

❓ Do you want them to get active and make new friends?

Our classes at *LOCATION* are a great way to get the kids having fun and learning new skills.

Click Book Now to claim your place, don’t delay!

Headline: Claim your place

Call to Action (Button): Book Now


Limited Time Offer – Adults – Health/Fitness driven

Primary Text:

*People/Guys/Women* of *LOCATION*

Are you looking for a new fitness routine? Don’t want to pay loads of money upfront? Want to be physically healthy and mentally strong?

If yes, then join us at *SCHOOL NAME* for our beginners classes.

We’ve got just 10 places available, hit the Book Now button to grab your first lesson for free and *OFFER*. The whole package is worth *£PRICE*

Classes are friendly, relaxed and suitable for anyone at any fitness level.

Learn new skills and improve your health at the same time.

Don’t miss out and claim this limited time offer, future you will thank you!

Click Book Now to secure your space.

Headline: Make future you proud!

Call to Action (Button): Book Now


Free Session – Parents Call Out

Primary text:

Mums and Dads of *LOCATION*, we’ve got something for you.

Hit Book Now and we’ll give your son or daughter a FREE lesson!

We’re looking for children in *LOCATION* to join our classes and:

✅ Grow in confidence

✅ Learn something new

✅ Get active

✅ Make new friends

If you want to see your children benefit from all that martial arts has to offer, then sign up now and get booked in for your first lesson completely free.

Don’t miss out!

Headline: Grab your FREE lesson

Call to Action (Button): Book Now


Get off the devices

Primary text:

Are you worried about the time your children are spending on their devices?

Claim your 100% FREE martial arts lesson and see how our classes help your kids to learn new skills, get fitter and make friends in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

Here at *SCHOOL NAME* we’re proud to help children develop life skills that will stay with them for years to come. Think confidence, respect and resilience, all whilst having loads of fun!

Click Book Now to get your first lesson for free, what are you waiting for?!

Headline: Get your kids off their devices

Call to Action (Button): Book Now


Testimonial led – Kid’s Classes

Primary text:

*LOCATION* parents – are you looking to build your child’s confidence?

Join us for a FREE lesson and see how classes at *SCHOOL NAME* can help your child to learn valuable life skills.

What some of our current students and parents say about training at *SCHOOL NAME*:



Sign up before the end of *MONTH* and get:




What are you waiting for, hit Book Now for your first FREE lesson.

Headline: FREE lesson for your kids

Call to Action (Button): Book Now

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