Create an experience for your customers like no other…

This year we attended our 12th year at the MAIA Martial Arts Super Show in Las Vegas. The show proved a great success once again and we all came away with new ideas, contacts and inspiration for the future.

Between us we managed to attend most of the seminars given by extremely successful Academy owners from all over the States so we decided to write up our findings and pass on the main points from each Speaker so you could also benefit from the information given.

There is a general perception that the Martial Arts industry in the US is leaps and bounds ahead of the industry in the UK. I would have to disagree as we believe that many of our clients have achieved results comparable with the best in the world. Also the NEST systems, which are specifically designed for Martial Arts in the UK, but are also used in the USA, are at the cutting edge for our industry. However I would agree that we can learn greatly from their experience and what I did take away from my time spent with these many successful Academy owners was:

  1. They are dedicated sales people who strongly believe in the service they provide
  2. They follow their own processes rigidly
  3. They do what they say they are going to do
  4. They listen to advice and act upon it

I am always blown away by Vegas, not just because of the bright lights, enormous buildings and endless gambling, but because of its success and dedication to impress and be the best. They have forged a city like none other in the world for one reason: Attention to detail

Wherever you stay and whatever bar/restaurant you go to, the experience is exceptional because every detail has been planned and implemented to make sure the customer leaves feeling exactly how the establishment wanted them to feel.

This applies to our own businesses, we have the power to create an experience for our customers like no other, a feeling they can’t get from anywhere else.

Martial Arts Super Show 2014

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