Martial Arts Marketing – A Slice Of The Big Apple…

I’ve finished packing for my first trip to New York and the USA for what’s going to be a true initiation into the world of martial arts. This is going to be good.

Having only started at NEST Management 3 months ago as Marketing Manager, and coming from a corporate background I realise that I need to immerse myself in the martial arts industry to really understand it. My job means I work with hundreds of martial arts school owners across the UK; helping them and giving them advice on their marketing strategies. We like to work together with our clients as partners; helping them to grow and be successful. So to help me, help them by giving the best advice to put it simply; get and keep students – I need to fact find. And where better to do that than at the Martial Arts Business Summit, MABS for short.

MABS has been set up by a martial arts business owner and entrepreneur, Michael Parrella. Over the next 4 days the summit will be hosted by Michael and a whole host of exciting names in the world of martial arts and martial arts marketing.

Top Tips from MABS

Find your USP – have you got something special? What’s different about your school that others haven’t got? Finding this will help you differentiate – being different is a good thing.

It’s all about you… – that’s your students and future students. Find out what they want – how can your classes help them achieve what they want?

Keep your promises – there are so many reasons why someone starts martial arts, but if you promise that your classes will help them with something, make sure it happens for them.

Be the best around – It’s all about making your martial arts school the best it can be; and giving your students the best classes every day.

What a week it’s been, I’ve learnt a lot and met some fantastic people; even Master Ken showed us some of his ‘techniques’. I’m now back in Blighty looking forward to the coming months working with some fantastic people…


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