Customer Focus: The Bob Breen Academy

Bob established the Academy back in 1970 and from 1989 they have been in their current building in Hoxton Square, London. The club has grown to be a major centre for martial arts tuition in the UK. He states “Our aim at the Academy is to turn out excellent martial artists. Our programme is open to the complete beginner as well as experienced martial artists of either sex and offers phased classes, from novice to black belt and beyond. Our training is aimed at producing rounded and effective martial artists capable of reacting to whatever they have to face: from self-defence through to international competition.” “I have over forty years of training and teaching experience and still love both. I am supported by a team of excellent instructors, who have an international reputation for their skills, both in teaching and fighting and we have a great time training in a variety of martial arts disciplines.”


About Bob
Bob Breen is renowned throughout the martial arts world for his teaching abilities and his knowledge, being a teacher to many of the top instructors in the UK today. He has captained his country  in international competition in two different martial arts and has been at the forefront of martial arts development throughout his career. He continues to teach instructors on his popular Instructor programme, “I teach people how to think, become functional whatever the discipline and improve their teaching” he says. Bob is renowned as a specialist in close quarter fighting and teaches a synthesis of empty hand, stick and knife work which uses integrated principles for improved functionality in all three areas. He is regarded by many, including Dan Inosanto, as not only being superb at close quarter but also one of the world’s leading knife defence experts. He teaches JKD and the Filipino martial arts throughout Europe. Bob is an inspiration to many and despite a double hip replacement is still training, fighting and having fun leading his team of staff and Instructors.

Coming in Spring 2008 ‘SPARRING-a fighters sourcebook’ will be the first book to cover the art of sparring training in detail. Never before has there been a book that comprehensively guides the reader through the process of moving from theory to practice. SPARRING-a fighters sourcebook’ gives you the training techniques, the drills, the strategies and the know-how to become a real, competent, fighter. This is Bob’s second book, following last year’s launch of ‘Fighting, a path to understanding’.

To read a full biography on Bob, book onto one of his instructor training courses, or to order your books and DVDs, please visit


“We looked at other companies, but we chose NEST after a meeting with Gerard early in 2006, as we liked the way NEST worked with its client’s best. We liked the professionalism and philosophy of NEST – not just wanting to take money, but making sure that everyone is satisfied as a student, teacher and school owner. The main benefits we enjoy through NEST are the direct debit collection and management of our school’s monthly billing. This saves us a great deal of work and is well worth paying for, as it allows us to focus on growing and developing the academy.

The NEST staff are always professional when dealing with our students and always treat them the way we want them to be treated. NEST have always been there for us when it matters most and they really helped us to get our business back on track by supporting us through a very difficult time. They helped us to see our business in clear terms and even recommended other professionals that could help us too.

Working with NEST has been excellent and we would highly recommend them to anyone.”

(Interview from Spring 2008)

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