NEST Management: Covid-19 – 1 Year On from Lockdown

NEST Management: Covid-19 – 1 Year On from Lockdown

The team at NEST Management reflect on a full year of some form of Lockdown in the UK, and how the Martial Arts industry has adapted using NEST systems.

What NEST Clients Say

NEST Clients have maintained high student numbers over 1 year of lockdowns using new NEST systems

Online Members Website

The myMA Members website will allow you to add an enormous amount of value to your club fees by adding videos, live streams and other content on an exclusive website only accessible to your members. 

Active students on myMA will be automatically approved after sign up, and you will be able to approve other sign ups manually.

Features include:Content behind a members loginYouTube playlist integrationVimeo playlist integrationZOOM integrationDrag and drop page builder

Small Class Size Booking

Make sure your classes adhere to social distancing guidelines with our limited class size booking.

Bookings will work on a first come, first serve basis – once the class is full students who are unable to make the physical class will be given the option to attend your online classes.

Marketing Materials for Online & Face to Face Classes

Download our social media templates to engage your current students and get new students for your online classes. Join our frequent webinars and download our detailed Marketing training guides.

Health and Safety Templates

We have developed a detailed outline and Risk Assessment Protocol that you can follow within your venue to ensure that you have considered all aspects necessary. It will also serve as a guide that you can issue to Students and Parents to instil confidence that you are taking all the precautions necessary to ensure the protection and safety of your students.

Facebook Group & Webinars

Get updates quickly and trade ideas with other schools and martial arts instructors.

Join our frequent webinars and updates to stay ahead of the game.

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