Is this a new way to sell?

Is this a new way to sell?

When someone contacts you through Facebook about a product or offer you are running, they usually want to know more about it. What if you could not only tell them more, but allow them to purchase it right then and there? I have recently discovered that Facebook is working on a feature that will allow you to do just that! In the coming months you will eventually be able to sell your products and services through Facebook Messenger, but what does this mean for your business?

The Point

Facebook is becoming a more popular way for customers to contact a business due to it’s convenience. Making it beneficial to have as much of your business made as convenient as possible to create a good customer experience. Having your online shop and paid for trial lessons connected to your Facebook page would be a step in that direction.

The Convenience

The real convenience for anyone that purchased something through Facebook Messenger is how quick the payment process would be. Details that are required such as a customers address would automatically be taken from their Facebook profile, these could of course be changed manually during the process. As a customer, having the majority of the work done for you, is a great time saver.


What Can You Offer

The new messenger payment feature could be a great way for you to promote a specific offer through Facebook such as a paid trial lesson, without the need to link to your website. By having your call to action linked to messenger, you would encourage people to engage with your business personally and ask about the offer. This could be a great way to answer questions as they arise and start building a friendly and trusting relationship with your customers.

Trust Point

Whenever it comes to purchasing things online, we all want peace of mind knowing that our details are safe and secure. Thankfully this is something that Facebook is providing as part of the messenger purchase experience. A notification explaining how their purchase process will be protected by Facebook’s own high level security will be presented to all users. This helps to promote a strong trust point for customers, which in turn will reflect on your business.

When Can I Get My Hands On It?

It’s still early days and not many people will have access to this feature, as it is still being tested, so don’t worry if you can’t find any options for it on your Facebook page. There is no official date set in stone for the full release of this Facebook Messenger update, however it is aimed to be with us by the end of the year. This is a feature you will want to keep your eyes on!

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