New Year’s Resolutions

Making a New Year’s Resolution is somewhat of a tradition in our country, and the idea of a clean sheet and a fresh start links perfectly with the first day of a New Year.

So, what is it that we are resolving to do at the start of the New Year…are we are unhappy with ourselves, with our lifestyle, have we reflected and found that we need to make changes?

Regardless of who you are, and whether you support the idea/tradition of a New Year’s Resolution, if you are honest with yourself in your reflections, you are likely to find things in your life that you would like to commit to changing.

However should this process really be something that is only an annual event, or should it be an organic part of our lives; grow – change – reflect – repeat.

Harnessing people’s desire for personal growth and change is a key marketing tool in martial arts and tuition businesses. Many of the changes that people crave are to do with personal appearance, fitness and confidence levels which plays right into your hands as a Martial Arts school owner.

Our Marketing team have been asking you to send in stories that demonstrate how Martial Arts has changed the life of someone you know. This is to be used as part of a powerful campaign that we are producing for you to launch this January, which will capture the minds of people who are thinking about what they want to achieve in the New Year.

The very fact that you can all produce these inspirational stories tells me that throughout the year you are helping people with their resolve to change. So let’s shout about that from the roof tops!

The key to change is commitment – the fitness industry laps up the boom in sales that the New Year brings, and then watches as peoples resolve weakens and their resolutions pass with the same speed as the month of January.

So let us help people to engrain self reflection into their lives, encourage the cyclical approach described above and ensure that you are part of that review. There are so many areas where your training can help; you just need to ensure that you match your solution to their requirement for change.

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