Be part of our brand new martial arts marketing campaign for January 2015…

Have you helped change someone’s life through martial arts? Now’s the time to tell us all about it…

As part of our January 2015 marketing campaign for NEST clients and Get Into Martial Arts, we want to show the UK how martial arts can not only help people achieve their personal goals but in some cases change their lives.

Brand New Marketing 2015

We need your real life stories

Tell us how you’ve helped someone through teaching martial arts and you could be featured in our brand new marketing campaign which is set to run nationally and locally through print, across the web and social media.

If we feature one of your stories in our campaign, we’ll also link back to your website, giving a boost to your SEO in the process.

Showcasing your stories to inspire others

By using real people with real martial arts stories to tell in our campaign, we hope to inspire people to take that next step by booking a martial arts class – at your club, school or academy.

What to do next

Email with your story in word format, plain text file or pdf along with any supporting photos (please remember though to get permission to use them first).

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