Personal Management Habits We Should All Do

I’m going to break this blog down into four simple personal management habits that can make your life easier and take a bit of stress off your mind.

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1. Write it down

I think we have all been guilty of this at some point; the jobs keep mounting up and up until it takes quite a bit of brain power to just remember all the things we have to do, until we get to the end of the day and realise we have forgotten to do something that was probably pretty important! Let a pen and paper remember all these jobs for you and put that brain power you would have been using to remembering things into getting things done. Think of it like going to the supermarket without a list, what’s the one thing you forget to pick up? It’s that one thing your wife asked you to get! Now you’re in the dog house… bad times, should of had a list.

2.  Put dates in your calendar

Like writing stuff down, you can take more strain off your brain by putting everything in your calendar. It’s not like the old days where your calendar sat on your kitchen wall, probably with some rubbish pictures of kittens on it for every month of the year! Now we have access to our calendars all the time thanks to smart phones. I put everything in mine from meetings to dentist appointments. Life can be so hectic these days that’s why it’s so easy to forget important dates and times.

3. Don’t creatively avoid work

Creative avoidance is simply doing jobs that aren’t necessarily as important as knuckling down and getting on with that one job that’s at the front of your mind, people usually do this because whatever they should be doing is boring, time consuming or worse… both! We all know that when that pain in the neck job is done the rewards will be greater.

4. Don’t check your email every five minuets

In an age of Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and so on it’s easy to keep looking at your phone just to see if someone has tagged, tweeted or just sent you some spam e-mail. Research has shown that the average person checks his or her phone 110 times a day, in some cases users have been unlocking their phone 900 times in a single day! I’m not saying leave it alone completely, but just think of how much time is being wasted. It takes me back to my third point “Don’t creatively avoid work”. Are you avoiding work by spending too much time looking at your phone?

If you would like some further tips or advice on how you can further improve your personal management, have a look at the video below or get in touch with the NEST team. We are here to help!


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