The Road to Success

The Road to Success

For the majority of you, you’ll be eagerly awaiting the “back to school” rush and the new students that come with it. Unfortunately it’s not about sitting back and waiting for people to come to you, you need a clear focus on what you need to achieve and a “road map” to guide you to your desired destination.

Where are you going?

If your monthly “destination” is 20 new students, then your “check points” along the way could be:

  1. The number of visits you get on your website each week
  2. The number of bookings you get through your website
  3. The number of times you get an online enquiry
  4. The number of times the phone will ring each week
  5. The number of prospects booked in for an intro lesson
  6. The number of intros that you sign up

You should already know what financial success looks like, in terms of the income your business needs each month. But have you translated these numbers into students? To do this you can use our Business Planning Tool – this budget calculator will give you all the numbers you need to decide if the goals you have in mind fit your needs, if not, it will help you to adjust your figures to arrive at the numbers you will really need to get you where you want to be.

Starting your journey

Once you have worked out your plan and know how financial success translates into your “check points” you will know the number of leads you need on a monthly basis – and if this gives the financial return you need you can then plan the marketing you need to do (ie how will create these leads). And if you just note these down (you can use the Business Planning Tool to do this too) you’ll quickly see if you are falling short in the early parts of the month, and have time to TAKE ACTION to stimulate more leads.

So, remember to:

  1. Plan what you want to achieve
  2. Do your marketing campaigns
  3. Check your performance constantly
  4. Act by continuing or modifying your activity (could be more promotion or improving conversion rates)
Success is inbound

All successful businesses have leadership that knows where the business needs to head to. It’s how you stay on track that’s important and to do that, you must know where you are heading and where you are at any specific time. Only then will you be able to take the action (change your route) needed to reach your goal.

If you would like to discuss the above in more detail or need any help locating our tools or planning and implementing your campaigns just call the NEST team on 0115 945 5030.

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