Schools out for summer

Schools out for summer

It’s that time of the year again, where the sun finally decides to come out and schools across the UK break up for summer. This usually means lots of people going on holiday and making the most of the weather, and this includes you too. But you also have a martial arts business to run… so do you stay open or close your school over the summer? While we can’t decide this for you, we can help you review your decisions to make sure it’s the best choice for your business.

To be (open)


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to keep your school open and to increase your student acquisition through a summer campaign, or run a summer/day camp? With the help of our new campaign materials, why not give it a try?

For some of you, this approach may not have worked in the past, but with the development of marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter, it can be more cost effective than ever to spread the word and advertise your summer classes or summer/day camps.

Alternatively you could focus on running day or week long courses for martial arts beginners or even for existing students, creating the opportunity to perfect certain aspects of their training. You could even consider corporate self-defence courses too!

To help you on your way, we have many different themed summer campaign materials for you to use. Suitable for day camps, martial arts courses or just keeping your lessons running. Don’t forget we are happy to edit and personalise all of these for you too!

Think outside the box


As we’ve already mentioned, keeping your school open throughout the summer may not work for everyone and if this includes YOU, then never fear – there is always another option.

Instead of keeping your school open through summer, why not try contacting local sports and leisure centres and offer your services to run martial arts classes. This is a great way for the sports/leisure centre to promote your classes, as a choice for its summer activities, and for you (with permission) to pop a few well placed leaflets to generate and collect prospect information ready for when you reopen your school in September.

Not to be (open)


If you decide the right thing to do for your business is to close for the summer, then you should do it. But don’t forget to close your School on Get Into Martial Arts too! It’s simple to do and won’t remove your listing. This means you can still advertise your school and take bookings for when you reopen. All it does is prevent people from booking a trial lesson when your school isn’t open.

To make life even easier, there is an option to set a ‘Closed from and to’ date so you don’t have to remember to turn it back on again! Pretty cool right?

Note: If you use the myMA Booking Widget or have a myMA Website, then this will also prevent lessons during that period being booked on to.

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