Strengths and Weaknesses

I’ve just finished reading a book which frankly I found refreshing; it was “Strengths Finder 2.0” by Tom Rath. The key point related to the time we all spend trying to fix our weaknesses rather than spending time leveraging the gifts that we have been given – our strengths.

We’ve all spent a lifetime listening to teachers, parents, and consultants telling us how to correct or improve on our areas of weakness, encouraging us to seek help to identify and work on these. This view appears to guide us towards a “rounded self” with knowledge and ability in equal measure, which equips us to deal with all that the world has to throw at us.

However, when you start to think this through everyone has a number of real gifts, which may not fall into the traditional educational musts of the 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic).

In this latest reading I’ve found that I agree with much that has been expressed, especially in the view that we should focus our primary attention on the areas where we display a real aptitude.

Even though the education system may give the necessary basics of the 3Rs development of our ‘true gifts’ may provide the best opportunities for our future.

Focusing on our strengths will enable us to be outstanding in the areas that, almost certainly, inspire and come easily to us. This approach will mitigate against the idea of being a “jack of all trades and master of none” creating real expertise in specific areas.

I know that running a business takes a multitude of skills, but you can engage with people and services to assist in those areas where you do not have the required expertise. Surround yourself with people who have talents that differ to your own, perhaps your office administrator doesn’t need to be a martial artist – that’s your strength, but they surely need to be organised, and love speaking to students over the phone. This will free you up to focus on being the very best you can be in the areas where you do have natural and vital skills.

We have observed school owners with great talents in coaching, communication and assisting children to realise their potential. These skills are not only of great value, they are also very difficult to develop in those who do not have a natural aptitude – if you do have that aptitude therefore it makes sense to enhance it.

Here at NEST we pride ourselves in being your Business Partners. We can help to fill in those gaps that you have in your business knowledge, and help you to grow your business.

Hopefully this will be food for thought and may allow you a fresh approach to your personal growth.

Quote of the week

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
Lao Tzu, 604 BC – 531 BC (Chinese Philosopher and Founder of Taoism)

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