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Take cover – summer is coming!

Whether you’re new to the martial arts industry or you’ve been around the mat a few times, you’ll be hard pushed to find other martial arts business owners who have not encountered the natural dip in students attending class during the school summer holidays. This trend is not only prominent in children’s classes, but is also evident in adult’s classes too. As such, it’s a good idea to find a way of counteracting this dip in students…

Summer camps and day camps

This is where a ‘Summer Camp’ or ‘Day Camp’ can help. You don’t need to have a full-time location, as long as you book somewhere appropriate in advance, to give you plenty of time for marketing. Over the last few years we have seen more and more martial arts schools set up their own camps to help counter the summer time dip. Camps can not only help boost income over the summer period, but they’re also an effective way to attract more prospects and students for class after the summer has ended.

Campaign materials

If you’re thinking of running a camp for the first time, (or just want to promote your existing summer camp), then check out our summer camp campaign materials in the Marketing Toolkit on myMA. To help make it as easy as possible we have created:

  • A check-list  – to help with setting up your camp
  • Booking and payment forms – to help you get people signed up
  • An activity timetable – to give you ideas of activities to run
  • A summer camp certificate – for all your attendees

In addition to this, there are also all the usual online and offline marketing materials to help you promote your camp, as well as follow up materials like email templates and postcards for you to send to prospects, inviting them to a trial lesson…so go on, why not get your camp started?

Remember camps are not just for kids!

Whilst camps usually have a large child focus, remember they are not just for kids! Think about running adult’s and children’s ‘Training Camps’ for your existing students, where they can focus and improve upon a particular aspect of their training. This kind of camp can take place at your location or school or can be residential but remember, if you run a camp for adults, it’s probably best to run it over a weekend when adults typically have more free time.

Let’s do it!

So are you ready to get your summer-time camp on the road? If you haven’t already, begin your preparation today by downloading the ‘Own the Summer’ campaign materials. For those of you who haven’t run a summer camp before, don’t forget to check out our OFSTED article ensure that you comply…


If you need any help or advice on marketing then please give us a call on 0115 945 5030 or drop an email to Don’t forget you can also access all of our online marketing resources in the myMA marketing toolkit.
Martial Arts Summer Camps

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