The ultimate guide to creating organic social media posts for your martial arts school

The ultimate guide to creating organic social media posts for your martial arts school

Are you looking to understand more about organic social media posts for your martial arts school? We’ve got what you’re looking for.

Organic social media posts are essential if you want to connect to your customers, establish relationships with them through social media, and build your brand. Your business will only benefit from organic social media posts as it helps to maintain contact with your customers, as well as keeping them updated on everything that is going on. But, how can you create this content? That’s what we’re going to be focusing on in this article, so keep reading down below to find out more.

What Type Of Content Should You Be Posting?

First, we’re going to take a look at the type of content that you should post. You have the option to use photos, videos, memes, stories for those platforms that have this option, polls and blocks of text. The more varied you are with what you are posting, the more likely it is that people are going to engage with your content, or be actively interested in it.

All of your content follows the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of your social media posts should be relevant to your target audience. It should entertain, educate or offer a solution that they need, while the other 20% should directly advertise or promote your business. It’s recommended that you stick as close as possible to this rule, otherwise your social media may end up resembling a billboard and actually lose followers.

The Best Platforms To Reach Your Target Audience

There are a number of social media platforms out there, and you need to have an account on two at least. First, you need to have an account on Facebook. This is the largest social media platform, which is why you can’t ignore it. The largest demographic that use Facebook is 25-34, with 35-44 following close behind at 25% and 18.5% respectively. As such, the content on Facebook should be geared more towards parents or older people who want to take up martial arts.

Another platform that you should be posting on is Instagram. The picture based app is an extremely popular option for young adults. In fact, 59% of users between 18-29 use Instagram, so it is certainly one of the main platforms that you should be targeting. You can use Instagram to post pictures and videos of training sessions (with the consent of those involved) and interact with people in the comment section. There is also the option of using the Live tool if you want to interact more with online users.

If you have video content that you want to share on a regular basis, then set up a YouTube channel or TikTok account. This gives you the opportunity to share some visual content with those interested in the idea of your school. You will find that more kids are on TikTok than any other age group. If your target audience is younger people ages 10-19, then 32.5% of them can be found here. 20-29 year olds are next at 29%, and it only goes down from there the higher the age goes. As such, if you are looking to target this kind of demographic with your content, TikTok is a great platform.

When Should You Be Posting On Social Media?

Before we get into the best, generally, the worst day to post anything on any social media platform is a Sunday. This is when businesses get the least amount of engagement, so if you are looking for a reaction to something that you post, Sunday is not a day you should post important information.

It depends on which social media platform you are looking at posting on as to when the best times to post are. For Facebook, 9am-1pm is typically when you are likely to get the most amount of engagement on your post. This works best on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but is still true throughout the other days of the week.

Instagram is a similar story, but your best time to post is around 11am throughout the week. The rules kind of fly out of the window a little on the weekend, but you can work out your followers engagement levels on the weekend later down the line.

Now that you know the best times to post, you should be looking at creating a posting schedule for yourself. This will remind you when you need to be posting, and you can even set up an option for content to automatically post at set times in case you forget.

Creating High-Quality, Organic Content

Finally, you need to know how you can create high-quality content for your martial arts school. Ideally, you should use a site like Canva which allows you to design social media graphics. With paid versions, and templates for you to use in order to get started, this site offers you everything you need to create something fantastic for your social media pages. You can also create a number of other things using Canva such as posters, documents and other visual content. There are other sites that allow you to do this, but Canva is one of the best.

Keep in mind when creating your content for social media that 58% of users will visit your social media page before they visit your website. This means that you need to grab their attention and entice them to take a look at your site. Don’t forget that you want people to relate to your content or connect to it. 76% of people will choose your school over another if they feel connected to the brand that you are building, which is why organic social media posts are essential.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now understand more about creating organic social media posts for your martial arts school. Choosing an organic social media strategy ensures that you are able to nurture your relationship with your customers, as well as establishing your brand’s presence. Make sure that you are doing everything in your power to keep on top of this for your martial arts school.

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