no tricks, just treats

As darkness creeps across the dojo floor
if students leave and are no more
and all new prospects get scared away
If only you had entered them into myMA

You would have their details right to hand
So you could form an engaging plan
To send a message that grabs attention
And helps to improve on your retention

For those prospects that came and did not stay
but did get entered onto myMA
The communication system can pick up the slack
And help to get those prospects back

For those students who do attend
They will start to build a data trend
That can help you monitor your KPI’s
So your business growth won’t come as a surprise

When it comes to finding new leads
Especially at times like Halloween
You need material with images that fit
Thankfully there is the marketing tool kit

So think about the things you can do
With all the support myMA gives to you
and much fewer students will slip away
When you make full use of myMA

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