Value what you do

If you are to be successful in marketing your martial arts business, you must first know, and believe, in the value of what you do. Passion for what you do can and does make a real difference in inspiring people to engage. This is especially the case any time you directly interact with a prospect, student or even staff. Bringing this passion through into your marketing can help make that all important difference between a prospect and a new student.

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The real value of your school

real value of your business

Your main marketing objective is to acquire and retain students. To do this consistently, you need a commitment to the value of your programme, your business and the difference these can make to an individual student’s life, as well as to your community as a whole.

You will know what martial arts has done for you and how it has shaped your life, possibly in ways that you could not have originally imagined. By becoming a school owner, it’s more than likely that you want to share these benefits with others. Think about what value you have obtained and what opportunities this experience has brought for you; consider writing these down to remind yourself just how far you’ve come.

Students may have told you of changes in their lives which, in many cases, could be profound. Your students can be equally as passionate as you, so also consider writing inspiring things they say down and share them with your team.

Remember your achievements

remember your achievments

Sometimes you can be so close to your business that you forget just what it has provided as well as who we have been teaching over the years. You need to remind yourself of these achievements. This will be of tremendous value to your teaching and selling programme for the following key reasons:

  1. It will remind you of the value to consistently deliver
  2. Enable you to share your heartfelt passion
  3. Give you a wealth of testimonials to prove your success

If you are not convinced of the value you deliver to students how can you expect any prospects to be excited about joining and committing to your programme? Furthermore how can you, with confidence, sell the programme and ask for appropriate payments for your teaching? Understand your value, price accordingly and you will find that selling your classes and products comes easy.

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