The Vital Importance of Planning

With many pupils in Scotland due to return to school in the next week or two (followed by the rest of the U.K at the start of September), our attention moves to the most important time of the year for martial arts schools.

You are about to reach the key sales opportunity of the year.  The 3 months beginning in September have always been a point when consumer interest is at its highest; this is particularly, but not exclusively, for the children’s market at the back to school point.

The level of interest in your tuition services can be more than double that of any other time of the year.  But you must take action if you are to get your share of the potential students available.  There are many other sporting and recreational activities available for both kids and adults alike so you must get to a point where your offer is ‘top of the mind’ for the decision maker by offering a solution to their problems or concerns.

In this industry what you do for your students really counts and can contribute to significantly improving their quality of life. There are many examples of students achieving better results at school, living a healthier lifestyle, feeling less anxious and having a more positive approach, so you can confidently say that “your work matters”.

Given the importance of what you do and the business opportunity available, you cannot just sit back and wait. The old adage, “fail to plan, plan to fail” remains so true, even where consumer interest is high.

Planning your marketing campaign and setting your goals is crucial to your success.

Getting in control by planning, implementing and measuring performance is not only the key to success, there is evidence to suggest that having a well-constructed plan in place reduces stress and builds self-esteem by having a sense of control.

Our customer service team are here to assist you if there is other support that you need during this key time for your business.

Quote of the Week:

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790 (American writer, philosopher, scientist, politician, inventor and publisher)

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