Week Six: Is Your ‘About Us’ page really selling you?

Your ‘About Us’ page needs to contain some key elements and answer any questions visitors might have

1 – Revisit your About Us page

If you’re using a myMA website (or another WordPress site), then to edit your About Us page navigate to Pages > All Pages then click ‘About

Your ‘About Us’ page is probably a little boring, and a little short. Research shows this page will be one of your most visited, so it’s important you put a little effort into it. Think about why people would want to know more about you. They’ll be wanting to know your classes are legitimate, safe, that they’ll be in good hands. They may be looking for contact information, or to see some images of your classes. Here’s are some tips to make your About Us page more engaging, and more SEO friendly:

Start by talking about your audience, not yourself
Talk about why people come to your Academy rather than others, talk about what benefits they can gain – basically try and sell them on the idea of taking a class with you.

Add some testimonials
This is a good place to add 2 or 3 SHORT testimonials about your club. You can re-use the ones on your home page if you’d like, or talk to your students and ask them for a testimonial.

Include your address and contact details
There may be a specific question someone is trying to answer by looking at your ‘About Us’ page, so make sure you include your Address, Phone, Email and maybe a link to your contact or booking form. Good news is, if you’re using a myMA page then that information is already there by default!

Tell your story
Talk about your academy. When it was started, why it was started, and what you think its main selling points are. You can repeat yourself slightly here, saying the same things you said at the start of the About Us page, but re-phrase it slightly.

Add a photo
You want a good image that you feel really reflects your Academy. To add the image to the top of your post in myMA, you’ll need to add it as a ‘Featured Image’ – using the link in the right-hand Menu when you’re editing the page

2 – Ask your Students for some Google Reviews

If you’ve added a ‘Google My Business Page’ as we suggested all the way back in Week One¬†then you’ll have a Business listing when someone searches for you on Google. A good way to boost this is to get some reviews on there. Talk to your students, tell them to look you up on Google and click on any existing reviews you have on your Business Listing (right hand side of the Google Listings on a Desktop) and click ‘Write A Review’.

(You can test this out for yourself right now by writing a nice 5 Star Review for NEST Management)

Having a good Star Rating will improve your traffic and is a important part of building trust. The more you have the better, and ideally don’t want them all to be from the same 2 week period, so keep asking for new reviews all the time so they’re spaced out.

3 РBlog Suggestion: Instructor Spotlight

This week, we’re suggesting the same format as last week for your Student Spotlight (a interview), but this time Interview one of your instructors. The good thing about this format is you can repeat it a few times. Every couple of months, you can do either a Student or Instructor interview. Keep it up and it’ll be a good source of content for you and help with SEO long term.

By now you should be an expert at writing blogs, so I wont repeat myself.

Week Six Wrap Up

We’re about half way through now! Your site should have a SEO friendly and informative Home Page and About Us page, a handful of Blog posts that are linked to your Social Media accounts, you should have some reviews and recommendations from your students and you should be listed on some directories and hopefully you’ll have at least one blog post on another site that links back to yours. Are you seeing good results? Are you keeping an eye on your Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from? Keep an eye on what’s working for you, and plan to do more of the same.


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