What’s Your Business Trophy?

What’s Your Business Trophy?

During your time and involvement with martial arts, you will have no doubt seen and perhaps even earned your fair share of trophies. These trophies are the way in which people can visually see your hard work and effort being turned into success. But what happens when it comes to people being able to see the hard work and effort you put into your martial arts business?

Focus is Key


Whenever it came time for grading or competitions you no doubt increased the amount of effort you put into martial arts. Even if this was already 100%, you may have found yourself pushing for 110%. This is because you wanted to succeed and get that next belt, new trophy or first place.This type of dedication is the same reason you are now a martial arts instructor and have your own martial arts business.

It is this level of focus that will be the driving force for your business success. Try to see your martial arts school in a similar light as you would a competition, with the more time and effort you invest into it, the better your chances of being more successful. For example, if you set yourself jobs and deadlines regarding your business, aim to stick to them and plan your time accordingly to make it happen. Remember, you can always contact NEST for some help or advice, our planning tools and staff are there to help you succeed!


When it comes to your martial arts business, there is never a competition that’s too far away, whether this is the next tournament for you and your students or a competing business opening up nearby. And while dealing with a tournament is much different to dealing with a potential business competitor, your determination to succeed should be the same for both.

For your martial arts business, you want to make sure you are a better offering to prospects compared to your competitors. There is no need to ‘mud sling’ or to directly say ‘why you’re better’ than another business, you should simply demonstrate and show the passion and dedication you have for your work. Having this reflect through to your customers can really help make a difference and provide reassurance that their time and money is well placed with you.
Don’t say why someone else is bad to make you look better; say why someone should choose you to begin with!
Winning a business trophy


You may ask yourself “With all the work and effort I am putting in, what kind of award can I win that shows my martial arts business is successful to others?”. While there are such awards for business success that you could win, such as NEST’s very own martial arts business awards, your real trophies are also the same thing that makes your business a real success… your students.

The easiest way to look at it is like this; each time one of your students grades, wins a trophy and attends another lesson, it’s down to your input. Every time this happens, this is your trophy! Sure, it might not be as big and shiny as the trophies from the competitions, but you’ll probably feel just as proud.

If you have any comment or questions, feel free to give the team at NEST a call on 0115 945 5030 or send an email to marketing@nestmanagement.co.uk and we will be happy to help you.

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