What’s Your Time Worth?

What’s Your Time Worth?

Any martial arts business owner knows that there needs to be at least an additional 10 hours in each day to get everything done. This is especially true if you are also the only instructor, because now you have classes to teach as well as a business to run! This is why your time is so valuable, but just how valuable is it?

How to do value your time?

How do you value your time

When it comes to time spent in your lessons teaching your students, it can be much easier to put an actual value on your time. What I mean by this is your ‘hourly rate’ that you pay yourself for teaching your students. Now I am aware that people may operate this process a little differently which is fine, but underlying point remains the same… your time is valuable!

As your martial arts business grows along with your student numbers, so does your income (obviously), but so too does the value of your time. After all, while your business is growing, even having those ‘magical extra 10 hours in a day’ won’t feel like enough to stay on top of everything. Don’t worry though, with the right mindset and approach, you can easily spend your time in the right place.

Where to Spend Your Time

where to spend your time

With your time being such a precious thing, it is obviously important where and what you spend it doing. Spending your free time browsing Facebook for example might not be the best or most productive approach. But if you are spending that same time planning or doing your Facebook Ads, then that’s certainly more productive.

The best approach to help you spend your time more effectively is to plan your time out for the days/weeks/months ahead. This will allow you to work towards your goals more effectively and give you a constant reminder about what you should be doing with your time. The next step is to try and stay on track with your goals and plans…

Keeping on Time

keeping on time for your martial arts lessons

We can all be a little guilty of running over with things that we have planned and no doubt you have done this on a few occasions without even realising. You more than likely spend extra time with your students either just before or just after lessons, possibly both. You need to be careful that you don’t go too ‘overboard’ with how much extra time you give out to people.

This isn’t to discourage you from giving your students extra help by any means, but more of a ‘heads up’ that you don’t get carried away with it. This is more to do with planning for this kind of thing and allocating the appropriate time for it. So if you find you want give your students some extra help at the end of an hour lesson, try to add it into your plan.

By making your lessons 1 hour and 10 minutes instead, everything else in the plan will remain unaffected. As a bonus, if your students decide to get off early, you’ve just earned 10 minutes of your time back!

When it comes to your time, it is a valuable thing. Your students want it, your family would like some of it and even your friends too. You will also want some of your time to yourself I’m sure, but the struggle is you can often lose track and run out of it before the days even over. But remember… plan your time and stick to your plan and things will fall into place!

If you want some help and advice on planning your time and getting some of it back, give the team at NEST a call on 0115 945 5030 or drop us an email at marketing@nestmanagement.co.uk

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