Winding Down for Christmas

Winding Down for Christmas

We are coming up to the week before Christmas and the holiday spirits are in full swing. But before you get wrapped up in presents, food and enjoying time with the family, make sure your martial arts business is prepared. There are just a few simple steps you can take which ensure you can rest easy over the Festive Holidays and have your martial arts business ready to go as soon as you’re back.

Notify your students

When it comes to closing your school over the festive period, one of the most useful things you can do is to simply let your students know when this is going to be. You can use the communications tool within myMA to help you do this.

Website & Social Media
Having a notification on the main page of your website and social media pages is a great way to not only let existing students know when classes are open, but also prospects.

Sending your notifications by text requires just a simple and short message, such as when classes start back up. You can use a short link (by using a website such as that helps you get more information across. Best of all, all text messaging done through myMA is free!

You may opt to send an email to your students as part of your notifications, as this give you more flexibility. Why not get a little creative and add some festive imagery to your emails.

Temporary Close Your School on Get Into Martial Arts

Temporarily closing your school on Get Into Martial Arts is another thing you should be doing while you’re away for the festive period. The last thing you want is someone booking onto a class and turning up while you are not there! If you have our booking widget on your website or you are using a myMA website, closing your schools is all done in the same way as it is for Get Into Martial Arts, helping to keep it simple.

To help you, we have produced a video outlining how to do this…

Set Reminders

Set reminders for your martial arts business during the festive period

Not only is it important to tell your students when classes aren’t available but it is also important to say when they are available again. Now you may have included these details within you first round of communications, but don’t let that be the end of it.

By taking the time to produce these messages ahead of time within myMA Communications and saving them as drafts, you can easily come back to them and hit send when you are ready to do so. Sending out additional reminders about classes starting back up is a nice way to help your retention and keep your students engaged.

Automation Ahead of Time

Set up your automation for your martial arts business ahead of time this festive period

We recently launched the automation facility within myMA, allowing you set up ‘triggers’ to send out customised communications automatically. Setting up these types of automated communications can allow you to relax, knowing that when certain events happen in myMA, your communications are taken care of.

By getting automations in place for new students set up and ready ahead of time, you are allowing yourself to focus on prospecting and running your martial arts business. Not only that but you can also begin the welcome process for all new students without you having to do much of anything… amazing!

Once you have got your martial arts communications and advertising set up ready to go for when you are back, you can focus on probably the most important thing… a well earned rest. Be sure to enjoy your Christmas break to its fullest and thanks to your preparation ahead of time, there should be nothing to worry about when you get back.

Should you need help with any of the suggestions above, you can contact us at or by calling 0115 945 5030

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