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For the tenth year we find ourselves in the extraordinarily iconic city of bright lights and slot machines eagerly awaiting the start of the 2014 Martial Arts Super Show. This year the show is being held in the beautiful Venetian hotel where Joy, Louisa, Leanne and I will be attending to bring back golden nuggets of information and advice to help you develop and grow your martial arts business.

This year we decided to visit the astonishing Grand Canyon. Having seen the Grand Canyon before I was already prepared to see the wonder of this natural landmark. What I didn’t expect was to learn of the tribe that habitat, own and manage this south east section of the Canyon. This native American Hualapai Tribe, although lucky enough to have the Grand Canyon in their back garden, have used this amazing asset as their main source of income through preservation and tourism and hence created a very successful business structure.

This may not seem difficult given the nature of the incredible “product” they were given, however as we are all aware, an exceptional product does not always make for an exceptional business. In this case the infrastructure and vision of the tribe has led to the successful business model that they have today. They have continuously invested funds back into the business to ensure the ongoing development and expansion of this tourism hot spot. They understand that this is essential for success.

The Hualapai Tribe are a perfect example of setting realistic manageable goals and working as a community to achieve them. Make sure that your business tribe are too working as a community and thus making your exceptional product an exceptional business.

Joy, Gerard, Louisa & Leanne from NEST - Grand Canyon, June 2014.

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