Week Ten: What are your competitors doing?

In SEO and Martial Arts you can learn the most from watching others

1 – See what other sites are doing

Always have a look at what others are doing. See how they’ve structured their home page, see how they describe their lessons, how they sell themselves and – of course – what blog posts they’ve published. Don’t automatically assume what they’re doing is correct, but if you know of a very successful academy chances are they’ll have a SEO friendly website. The main thing is to gather information, look for new ideas so you’re not working on improving your site in isolation. Looking at other sites will help you have an understanding of what content works well and looks good on the page.

Search for the kind of things you would want to show up for and see who ranks above you in Google.  Have a look at their sites to see why they’re ranking higher than you. Remember not to steal any content word-for-word, Google is looking for unique content, but you can look for topic ideas and inspiration.

2 – Submit yourself to more Local Directories

Make sure you’re business is listed everywhere it can be. We’ve talked about listing yourself on Google my Business, but both The Sun and the Independent have local business listings. You can submit yourself for FREE here:



and there are 2 more listing websites that may effect Google Rankings:



Put as much detail as you can and submit the SAME detail to all sites you submit to. Google likes consistency! This helps getting visitors to your website and helps people find your physical location when searching online or with Google Maps.

Week Nine Wrap Up

We’re nearing the end of our journey together! All the large, sweeping changes have been made and we’ve almost finished tidying up the little things that can give you a boost in the rankings. Next week we can make some small tweaks to make sure all your pages are loading quickly.


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